Character 1-120 Leveling

120 Selfplayed PowerLeveling (3h)

120 Selfplayed PowerLeveling (3h)


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BFA Powerleveling 110 – 120

BFA Powerleveling 110 – 120


Buy WoW Battle for Azeroth Powerleveling 110 – 120 service includes:Buy BFA 110-120 Powerleveling, g..

Buy BFA Starter Pack

Buy BFA Starter Pack


Buy BFA Starter Pack  service includes:  You can make your own package: Leveling 110-1..

Powerleveling 1 – 120

Powerleveling 1 – 120


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Buy Character 1-120 powerleveling selfplay 

The main task of your character as he explores the new territories of the game world and becomes a witness to the history of Azeroth, is gaining levels that are an indicator of your character’s progress and determine your gaming capabilities. In order to build on your character’s power, you must travel around the world to explore new places, complete storyline quests and go to different dungeons that are ready to challenge even the bravest heroes.

Leveling zones:

* 1-60: Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms

* 60-85: Outland, Northrend, Cataclysm

* 85-90: Pandaria

* 90-100: Draenor

* 100-110: Broken Isles

* 110-120: Zandalar and Kul-Tiras

The upper limit of the available levels increases with the release of each new expansion and is: 60 lvl (Classic), 70 lvl (The Burning Crusade), 80 lvl (Wrath of the Lich King), 85 lvl (Cataclysm), 90 lvl (Mists of Pandaria) , 100 lvl (Warlords of Draenor), 110 lvl (Legion). The upper limit of the available levels in the latest large-scale expansion, Battle for Azeroth, is 120.

When you reach the maximum level, you will be able to maximize your potential. You'll get:

* Access to new World quests and storylines;

* Access to unique heroic and mythic dungeons of the Battle for Azeroth;

* Access to new large-scale raids - Uldir and Battle of Dazar’alor;

* The opportunity to participate in a new adventure - Island expeditions;

* Open Warfronts - Battle for Stromgarde and Battle for Darkshore Open Rated arena and Battlegrounds;

* You can farm azerite power, gain new gorgeous mounts, win prestigious achievements and much more;

The road to the maximum level can be long and hard. CakeBoost will help you to save time and effort and to cope with this difficult task sucsessfully.

* Heirloom items will allow you to increase the amount of experience obtained for killing mobs, as well as completing quests and sweep dungeons;

* Waterstrider mount will allow you to move on the water;

* Chauffeured Chopper – mount, available on the first level;

Once in a while you will receive achievements for gaining levels: Level 10, Level 20, Level 30, Level 40, Level 50, Level 60, Level 70, Level 80, Level 85, Level 90, Level 100, Level 110, Level 120.

You can also get a reward for improving various classes within one account (Dynamic Duo, Terrific Trio, Quintessential Quintet, Double Agent).

Our services to improve the level of your character are diverse and multifaceted. This is done so that you can choose exactly the service you need most.

* Gaining 100-110 levels occurs within the previous expansion World of Warcraft (Legion);

* Gaining 110-120 levels occurs as part of the latest expansion (Battle of Azeroth); You can choose a specific number of levels, speed of the order execution, a variety of additional options and much more.

All our employees are real experts and loyal game fans, as well as experienced players who will take all the nuances, details and pitfalls that can occur during the execution of an order into account. CakeBoost will provide you with a specially appointed executor who knows the features of your class best. All

orders are carried out on high-quality equipment. Our experts are constantly working to improve the quality of service. We highly value the security of our customers' accounts and never put them at risk, observing all the necessary precautions. With CakeBoost, you not only get great results, but you can also be sure that your account is in good, caring hands.

Reaching level 120 usually takes 5-6 days. If you want to get all the races heritage armor transmogrification sets, you should avoid using the level boost provided by the game! 110-120 level boost is suitable for exploring the various features of the factions and classes in order to diversify your account.

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