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BFA Island Expeditions

BFA Island Expeditions


BFA Island Expeditions boost service includes:Buy BFA Island Expeditions boost, get BFA Island Exped..

Black Temple Timewalking

Black Temple Timewalking



Buy Warfront Victory

Buy Warfront Victory


Buy Warfront Victory service includes:  Warfront victory; You'll get   War is ..

PvE Full 360-410 Gearing

PvE Full 360-410 Gearing


Buy World of Warcraft (WoW) 360-410 Fast Full Gear Boost:Buy PvE Full 360-410 Gearing, get fast 360-..

Rent a Booster

Rent a Booster


Rent a Booster service includes: You can rent one or few boosters; This service is the perfect w..

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PVE boosting

WoW: PvE Boosting

WoW: PvE Boosting – We offer a wide range of WoW PvE services such as old raids and reputation grinds and also the most up-to-date PvE content, for example: Uldir Raid. Buy a PvE boost and Cakeboost.com will get you through any challenge without wasting your precious time. We offer a variety of WoW PvE boosting services: WoW Raids: Uldir Raid, WoW dungeons: Heroic dungeons, Mythic dungeons, Mythic+ dungeons, Gearing, Glory of the Raider. Choosing Cakeboost.com is the right thing to do – satisfaction guaranteed!



As you all know, an average character can’t succeed much without efficient armor. The higher level your item is, the easier it is for you to join raids, step into mythic dungeons or solve any quests. But it is certainly not an easy task to obtain such a good piece. You will have to participate in all the raids for that, which is really time-consuming, not to mention the necessary amount of efforts and resources. Moreover, lacking a good tactics won’t help you out of this.

If it’s really boring and tiresome to take part in static raids, our team of pro players could give you a helping hand, for example with getting the highest item level. The only thing you have to do is to buy a 340 or higher item level boost in order to be called to join new adventurous raids, where you can easily raise your item level or collect everything for a joyous game.

If you buy 300-340 item boost, it will magically give you powers to solve numerous world quests or step bravely into dungeons. This will give your hero the necessary starting strength to get ready for much more serious meetings and battles. Also you will easily deal with every world quest, or heartily welcomed to any raids.

In the case when some dark iconic dungeons are calling you, what you need to do is to join a team of well-skilled players and after that buy Full 300 Gear Boost. On our side we’re assuring you to raise your armor item level, so that you could get back to your game partners within 2 or 3 days. If you buy Full 340 Gear Boost, you’ll be able to stand against ferocious creatures and monsters in the mythic modes or raids.

The way we are going to accomplish this task of boosting your armor item level is standing in for you and lead your character through all the necessary raids, collecting all the needed armor items and looting the armor sets for you. We also grab a great deal of Azerite power to improve your Heart of Azeroth, while being on the task of boosting your item level.

We promise that the service ordered by you will be fulfilled within the declared time. Regarding the level of the boost you would like to buy, the average time to complete the task will differ from a day to a couple of weeks. It’s pretty logical that the higher the boost level, the more time our specialists will spend on gaining you the necessary item level. On your part you only need to get in contact with us for any of the offers mentioned above and choose which boost you’d like to buy. Shortly after that the pro players that form very high-level guilds take on carrying out your choice. All of them are greatly experienced, so that their skills and abilities will positively affect your hero’s characteristics. Besides our true boosters, we’ve also got a group of technically gifted farmers, who are well aware how to obtain any quick gear you could come across. Go ahead and give it a try.

Buy this Gear Boost and what follows is that you’ll need tolet the professionals pilot your hero through the Account sharing method, which is often called Pilot boost. It’s as easy as it is – the only thing you need to do is to let our game specialists get access to your account so that they could run the whole thing out. If you doubt to buy this incredible offer at a low cost because of the danger that someone may know it was not you getting all the honor and awards, we’d like to assure you that we make the boost more safe using VPN of your city and country.



One of the most beautiful and adventurous raids with splendid and magnificent views is Karazhan undoubtedly. In the World of Warcraft: Legion it is a whole unit with large, deep and curved tunnels, which can be thoroughly searched only when playing Heroic, Mythic or Mythic + Mode.

First of all, you have to join some well-trained team of playing folks, perfectly aware of all the corners in this great dungeon. Moreover, you must be seriously able to show a strong knowledge of tactics, not to say of keeping your gear and ammunition up to the biggest level. Going bravely through it, daring all the bosses, will bring you a chance to loot a fresh set of epic armor, then to obtain a skill and an award such as Artifact Power and 2 new mounts. If you are lucky enough, you will even succeed to win such achievement as Midnight’s Eternal Reins.

We offer you to boost this location up to 9 points out of 9, but be aware that it means daring the evil itself under the name of Nightbane, which appears last at the very end of this dark bosses’ row. In the case you are alone without any good partner by your side, puzzled how to use any tactical skills with your items’ level leaving much to be desired, this is a huge offer for you to accept. Dare to buy this great opportunity to explore this dangerous place in order to prize yourself with all the achievements it’s got. Our trusted and well-trained specialists will bravely lead your character through the whole dungeon. You can follow the whole team of professionals or let yourself be piloted by one of them.

Pilot boost means letting our professionalsopen your account so that they could stand in for your.This is called Account Sharing Method. Do not afraid that someone may come to know it was not you winning all the awards, we make your boost more safe using VPN of your city and country.



If you are looking for a good place to upgrade your character as to get some useful achievement, bring your artifact gear a few steps up or collect really heavy armor kits of high quality, then it must be a whole set of Mythic Dungeons. If you dare to take a step inside one of them, you will come to know that there are so many precious things in the caves to satisfy nearly everyone. That’s actually the thing – you have to group a perfect teamequipped well with good staff of enormous item level, which has got a huge amount of spare time to complete this very dangerous and scary tour.

Just in case there’s no one willing to protect your back and share your decision to seek for adventures deep into such caves as Underrot or Motherlode, you are offered to buy help and support from a really well-trained collective to follow your lead underneath the ground. Here you can jump at the opportunity to buy a rich and safe run through each of Mythic Dungeons, which are located on Kul Tiras and Zandalar, and some special caves of the Siege of Boralus and Kings’ Rest dungeons that require additional access. All in all there are 10 locations in number.

The path beneath the ground literally blossoms with lavish Treasures and Achievements. What we’ve got to offer here is a Mythic Dungeon boost, which means that you can get as high as 865+ item level of a fresh epic armor and get it Warforged (+5) or Titanforged (+15). You may even come across some rare and truly legendary Azerite armors of 340 item level. They will appear completely irreplaceable when stakes are high and you have to participate in the main BFA competition. Furthermore, somewhere in the dungeon such an Azerite Power as to fix and upgrade your precious Heart of Azerith is waiting for you.

You’ve got to possess a good reputation to be able to go inside, for example, the Kings’ Rest dungeon or The Siege of Boralus dungeon, and if you don’t, try our Reputation service. This service works to help you raise your reputation status in a short period of time, while you could spend your time on something more useful.

Our site is here to give you a helping hand with running through each of these 10 Mythic Dungeons, presented in the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. You are given a chance to buy any Mythic dungeon boost, which means getting a wide variety of impressive treasures. First of all it includes some special achievements and fresh kits of armor, then goes the colossal Azerite Power, not to forget about your truly legendary Heart of Azerith neck item. One really good thing about all of this is that you will definitely keep all your pickups, found in the caves, for the rest of the game.

All of the pro boosters that are to perform the task know the whole thing inside out and usually complete the whole round of dungeons within a time span from 2 to 6 hours. No cheating, no hacking, only human hands and all of the dungeon gold is yours! Actually you can choose between running the whole adventure yourself, but being slightly backed up by our team use Account sharing method or the Piloted boost. In that case you are to let our players get access to your account to play instead of your person.

No one could know it was not you getting all the Achievements, as we can use VPN of your city and country.



The Tomb of Sargeras is a raid, which may not appear easy at all for young players to take part in, or for players lacking high-class armor. Sargeras is supposed to be the strong chief of the Burning Legion, one of the powerful and greatest Eredar. This is the character to be your eternal blood enemy in this Tomb.

Besides him you will need all your strength and abilities to conquer 9 cruel bosses, so that you could collect all of the magnificent gear. You seriously need it to go further along the Broken Isles adventures. As it comes out, the Tomb of Sargeras is essential to enhance your position for the next challenges.

But what will you get when you buy the Tomb of Sargeras boost? You will obtain excellent bonuses, fresh pieces of armor and loads of Artifact Power to fix and upgrade your weapons. Moreover, you can turn out to be so lucky as to find some legendary items and transmogrification sets to enhance your armor. Such achievements as Dark Souls or Grand Fin-ale are in store for you. And, of course, you will collect all possible Order Resources that are numerous in the tomb. When all of this is done, you’ll be gloriously titled as the Darkener.

On top of all that we offer you to become one of those who will bring Sargeras’ right hand, Kil’jaeden, to death. It is his loyal lieutenant, also known as the Deceiver, who gained such a name due to his hypocritical tricks and manipulating of others. You will inevitably face him in the tomb as this creature is also supposed to be your fatal enemy during this run. You will get an opportunity to conquer him first in your guild if you buy Kil’jaeden Kill for what you ‘ll be prized a 940+ gear. This will also help you to climb the game social ladder much higher with no need to get anyone corrupted.

If you buy this offer “the Tomb of Sargeras”, we will assure you that our professional players will do everything for you as clean as possible through the Pilot boost. In that case you are to share access to your account so that a well-trainedplayer could run the whole thing out. There is one very important thing about being piloted – the item level of your stuff must be 915 or higher. But do not worry if it isn’t. Then just pick the following option that states that you don’t have 915+ item level, but it will definitely influence the raid itself. It’ll be a little harder then for our team of true hardcore fighters to do this for you. Or you can easily run the tomb by yourself for a small additional fee, being backed up by them.

We never fall as down as to use any hacking, cheating or any forbidden tricks. Only by warm human hands our fanatical players will do it in this way, so that you could do something more useful than just dying hundred times, laid down by all of these ferocious creatures. Moreover, all the loot you may come across will serve you till the end of the game, in another words forever. Do not miss a chance to buy this Tomb of Sargeras boost while the price for it stays really low.



Heroic Dungeons is viewed as the place better than any to enhance your hero in the terms of collecting some splendid achievements,update your battle tool or obtain kits of armor. If you are brave enough to open one of them, you will find so many precious treasures in these tunnels that no one of your game team will be sad. You should know that only a strong collective is allowed to enter Heroic Dungeons.

If you lack such a group of people to explore the dungeons called as Freehold or Shrine of the Storm, then you need to buy support from our pro team ready to go seeking for mind-blowing adventures beneath the ground. That means a quick, safe run through all 8 Heroic Dungeons, which are very rich in many Achievements and Gold treasures. Buying Heroic Dungeon boost can guarantee that you will definitely raise your armor item level up to 325.

Our service works that you could have a chance run through each of these 8 Heroic Dungeons, getting a huge massive of excellent prizes such as fresh Azerite Armors, the colossal Azerite Power to improve your legendary neck called Heart of Azeroth. You will keep all your loot, found in the caves, for the rest of the game.

All of the pro boosters usually complete the whole round of Heroic dungeons within 2 or 3 hours.Running the whole adventure yourself with our players by your sidewill require a little fee. As the oppositeyou can let a good player of ours let into your account to stand in for you.No person could reveal that fact you’ve been helped by any person from the side. Feel comfortable as we use the same VPN of your city and country.



What happens in the case when you have run all the mythic dungeons, kicked out all the tough bosses in order to grab every piece of Gold and Artifact Power? You become not only granted with Skills and awesome Tools, but allowed to go further deep inside Mythic+ Dungeons. These additional rounds represent a difficult path even for true game lovers. The symbol “+” stands for a possibility to replay the same dungeon at various difficulty levels. The highest is Level 15, but the Keystone can be upgraded much higher. Truly speaking, this option means a steadily increasing difficulty level with a timing device running alongside. Your 5-member team has to cease your adventure before it stops the count. And if you are looking for a group and come across such a mention as Mythic+5, this number must correspond to Your Keystone level as well. Moreover, it signifies that the future adventure is going to be not only 5 times more difficult than the plain Mythic one, but also fitted up with some unique details renewing every week.

So, that’s where the speed starts playing the leading part, especially while playing at such a difficulty level as Heroic, Normal or Mythic. Finishing the round within the limit of time automatically brings you the best Gear of high level and much Azerite Power. But it must be stated here that the number of Achievements and their quality wholly depend on the final time you’ve got left after the run is done.

Taking into consideration the total number of gained Azerite Power and looted Items, you can be given such titles as Single, Two or Three chest, consequently resulting in a Challenger’s Cache, a Superior Challenger’s Cache and a Peerless Challenger’s Cache. If you buy Mythic+ Dungeons Weekly subscription, your loot chest will be displayed every new week in your Weekly Class Hall, when another Mythic+ Dungeon is gone through. The item level (up to 385+) of a certain cache will correlate with the Mythic+dungeon level you’ve just finished. The same can be said about the Keystone level: gaining +1 point means you’ve got less than 20% of time left, +2 points – from 20% to 40% and +3 points – more than 40%.

The Achievements you may hope to gain after you’re out of a Mythic+ Dungeon can turn out to be extremely useful when Looking for a Group, as the Keystone Master that stands for Mythic+15 finished in time allows a player to look through a huge variety of high-skilled players’ groups in order to choose the best of them. Also this may include such other Achievements as Keystone Initiate, Challenger or Conqueror. Furthermore, it is undeniable that playing Mythic+ Dungeons won’t only cut your way to the Azerite Power, Gear and some Azerite Items enormously short, but also will lunch your character’s career up into the sky.

What can be added here is that you can buy the Mythic+ Dungeons boost with those players who possess the same gear type as you do. The following result is that you can receive those looted items that are of no use to your partners, but pretty good to you after you successfully finished your Dungeon Adventure. There isn’t a better way to collect fresh gear as much as possible. All you need is to look for the Same Gear Type service.

If all of this sounds great to you, do not hesitate to buy the Mythic+ Dungeons boost. It can be performed in two different ways: Piloted Boost or Play It Yourself. The first one is also known as the Account Sharing method, when you let in one of our professional players to stand in for you and do the whole thing. Or you can easily do it yourself, being backed up by one of us, but this option requires a small additional fee.

All of our boosters are true specialists in the game of WoW, able to easily cope with a round within the standard time limit. They use no banned tricks, hacking techniques or whatever, so you may be sure that you will never loose any of your treasures. And finally, in order to protect your personality from any possible suspicion, we promise to use VPN of your city and country.

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