Glory of the Uldir Raider

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Glory of the Uldir Raider service includes:

ETA: 1-2 days.

Glory of the Uldir Raider Boost Service

This is a CakeBoost complex unique service. We will clear the Uldir raid for you so you will get the Glory of the Uldir Raider prestigious achievement and a unique mount Bloodgorged Crawg. We will exterminate all 8 Uldir bosses of the Raid. You can go through the raid as part of our strong CakeBoost team and take part in battles, or order a piloted service. We will use the VPN of your city and country for the maximum safety of your World of Warcraft account.

Why would I want to participate in the Uldir Raid?

In the new massive expansion, Battle for Azeroth, you can now get a new meta-prestige achievement, but it's very difficult to get it: you must immaculately go through an intricate dungeon, where you are trapped by 8 mighty bosses that need to be attacked. However, the spent efforts will pay off in full, because you, possibly, will become the owner of BLOODGORGED CRAWG.

To obtain this prestige achievement, the first level of complexity is sufficient, the passage of which is available once a week. Here you can get the 355+ level items. Becoming a part of our team, you will get a unique experience and an opportunity to observe the work of real masters of their craft, the guru of the game.

How do we execute the Glory of the Uldir Raider Boost Service for you?

This service can be provided in two ways: you can go through new dungeons as part of our strong CakeBoost team and take part in battles, or give us access to your account and just wait until your hero receives all the bonuses.



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Your benefit
ETA - 12h
VPN protection your account
Average waiting time for the booster - 5m
Offline chat mode while boosting
Choose Summoner Spells
Hints and tips to make your gameplay better
You can schedule your time when to play
You will play with top tier Master or challenger booster
Choose your Roles and Champions
Free RolesChamps Preferences
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